Our Experts

Our advisors are prominent neuroscientists from institutes around the world with expertise in various fields of neuroscience research and therapeutics. The CNSintel network includes more than 75 scientists with multidisciplinary expertise. All advisors are established scientists with many years of experience, and we continue to recruit more experts in order to cover all aspects of neuroscience, including niche areas.

Scientific institutes where our advisors are based include:

Berkeley (University of California); Salk Institute; UCLA; UCSD; UCSF; Yale; Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Purdue; Brandeis; Washington University (St Louis); Northwestern University; Pennsylvania University; Icahn Mount Sinai; Alabama University; Oxford University (UK); Cambridge University (UK); University College London (UK); Crick Institute London (UK); Edinburgh University (UK); Ecole de Neuroscience (France); Université Nice Sophia Antopolis (France); Ruhr University (Germany); Okinawa University (Japan); Basque Centre for Neuroscience (Spain); University of British Columbia (Canada); Hellenic Pasteur Institute (Greece); Hong Kong University; and many other research centres and institutes.