Introducing CNSintel

CNSintel is a consulting company that provides scientific advice to drug development companies from a global network of prominent neuroscientists, in order to maximize the success rate for drug development in pre-clinical research.

Our mission is to enable a confidential exchange and review of ideas in neuroscience drug discovery. In order to protect intellectual property, drug development is often kept as an in-house process, which limits input from other experts in the field. We believe that obtaining advice from a multidisciplinary group of independent experts will provide new approaches which may help to improve the success of drug target development.

Once we receive a request from a client, our selection committee will invite a group of at least 5 advisors, who are selected based on their relevant multidisciplinary expertise, to provide scientific advice.

We offer two types of service: either a detailed review of the client’s scientific plans, or an exploratory assessment of a particular field or a topic of interest, by our group of expert advisors.

All advisors will sign a confidentiality agreement prior to having access to our clients’ research plans. They will also be blinded as to the identity of our clients.

Clients will be informed of the identity of the advisors, and can request a replacement for any individual advisor selected by CNSintel prior to the start of the reviewing process.