Protecting trade secrets and scientific knowledge is the core of our ethos. We take all the necessary legal steps to ensure the protection of companies’ intellectual property and scientific data. Specifically, we follow these steps at the start of each new project:

  • Based on the nature of the project, advisors will be suggested by our committee, which operates under our strict confidentiality rules.
  • The identity of the selected group of advisors will be discussed with the clients prior to the start of the project and, if requested, replacements will be offered for any given advisor.
  • Committee members and advisors sign a comprehensive confidentiality agreement with CNSintel prior to being given access to any confidential data belonging to CNSintel’s clients.
  • All advisors will remain blinded to the identity of the clients at all times, unless the client wishes otherwise.
  • Once the reviewing process is complete, CNSintel transfers to the clients the copyright of the reports written by the advisors.

In addition to the confidentiality measures mentioned above, CNSintel employs IT consultants to ensure safe and secure transfer of data between clients and advisors. We use encrypted and secure servers to transfer data.

CNSintel takes data protection seriously and is compliant with the GDPR data protection act. Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information.